Boost Live Presentation Engagement with Tweet Presenter

Stop giving away your social engagement.

Why You'll Love Tweet Presenter:

Stand out as an expert in your field.

You put a lot of time and effort into crafting a great presentation. This is obvious because everyone in the room is taking notes and live tweeting the event. They're even standing in the walkways to get photos of your slides to share on Twitter.

Using Tweet Presenter allows you to give them a perfect screenshot of your slides, right when they want it, and in a way that lets them tell the world to follow you for more on your topic.

Receive credit for your presentations.

How many times have people not credited the presenter with the insights they share on Twitter - simply because they can't remember the twitter handle?!

When you use Tweet Presenter, you get credit for all the great content you're sharing - and your audience spreads the word to their followers with each retweet.

Just because you're on stage does not mean you can't join the conversation on Twitter.

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